Soul Boats at Birmingham Cathedral is something to savour

Author: Stacey BarnfieldPublished:

Birmingham Cathedral has been making waves throughout 2015 as it celebrates its 300th birthday with a series of public art events.

Soul Boats is the latest installation and quite possibly the most eye-catching.

Designed by artist Jake Lever, hundreds of gold boats hang from the cathedral roof space; the inside of each designed by individuals of different faith perspectives and views.

The flotilla of tiny cardboard boats pointed in the direction of the newly-refurbished cathedral’s chancel, with Edward Burne-Jones’s Ascension window behind the altar, is a striking sight and one to take a moment to savour if you’re in the city centre.

One of the most fascinating aspects to Soul Boats is that each of the individually-designed 3D interiors, featuring hand-crafted words or illustrations, is hidden from view, creating a private reflection in such a grand space.

Soul Boats is on display until March 18, 2016 at Birmingham Cathedral.