Edwin Ellis was commissioned by Colmore BID to produce a special digital guide to raise awareness of online and cloud safety during October’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

With more people working from home and accessing company networks remotely, cyber security has never been more important.

The BID is working alongside the West Midlands Cyber Security Resilience Centre to raise awareness of potential threats through its social media and with a special digital publication that features tips for home-working, COVID-19 related threats, VPN access and phishing, among other cyber topics.

Colmore BID CEO, Michele Wilby, said: “October marks the launch of Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’re delighted to be partnering with the West Midlands Cyber Security Resilience Centre to inform and educate businesses within the BID on how important it is to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber-attacks.

“According to a recent report, in the UK there is an attempted cyber-attack once every 50 seconds, with this figure only rising with the popularity of working from home schemes, brought about by Covid-19.

“Some of the solutions may seem simple and like common sense, but even these quick fixes can help prevent the devastating and long-term effects of loss or even theft of data.”

The guide is the latest produced by Edwin Ellis for Colmore BID under the ‘Safer Spaces’ brand.

Tap here to read the guide.

The COVID-19 lockdown and remote working forced a complete rethink from our clients about how they communicate with employees, customers and members.

It also made us reconsider how we work and forced an emphasis on digital publishing over our much-loved traditional print format.

We will continue to champion print publishing – it’s in our DNA – but there’s no denying digital came into its own during these unusual times.

Throughout lockdown we’ve been asked to create a host of e-guides, newsletters, and magazines – all through the latest interactive publishing software. They’ve enabled clients to speak to the right people irrespective of which part of the house in which they’re working!

We can write, design and host the publications with guidance from clients keen to share their latest news in the tone of voice that works for them.

The benefits for this format during a period of remote working are great. We’ve listed ten reasons below:

Colmore Cook Book, Birmingham Business Park ‘Our Community’ and Safer Spaces for hospitality venues – three of the recent digital publications we’ve been asked to produce

1. You’re back in business… tell people about it

Update remote-working staff and stakeholders with latest company announcements, offers, appointments and opening times

2. Simplicity

Digital publications are easy to share through social media, email or your website

3. Convenience

Read your news on mobile, tablet or desktop browsers anywhere, any time of day

4. They look good

Publications can be designed to match existing company branding, design and typography

5. Interactive publishing

Embed special videos (a message from the CEO, perhaps?), CGI visuals and links to e-commerce pages

6 Budget friendly

No print or distribution costs to consider

7. No wastage

Share only with the readers and people who matter

8. No barriers to distribution

Digital means global. The online world is your oyster!

9. Commercial potential

Host advertising or themed and timed promotional content

10. Get started now, remotely!

Get in touch now to begin working on your first bespoke digital newsletter or magazine.


A selection of our latest digital publications:

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