The Colour Palette Company launched by Edwin Ellis director Stacey Barnfield

The Colour Palette Company logo

What began as a lockdown idea dreamt up on his sofa by designer and businessman Stacey Barnfield has turned into a soaraway success as The Colour Palette Company launches across the UK.

The Birmingham Colour Palette, an eye-catching graphic design inspired by his home city, has proven so popular the concept has been rolled out across the country.

There are now 12 more versions for places across the UK including London, Edinburgh, Cornwall and the Peak District. And, thanks to the number of requests Stacey has received, more are in the pipeline.

Each design is made up of a unique series of colour swatches which represent the people, places and things which people love about the UK’s towns, cities and counties.

For instance, The London Colour Palette has Double Decker Red and Waterloo Sunset Orange, while The Sheffield Colour Palette includes World Snooker Black to celebrate the famous championships held there each year.

Stacey’s also created colour pallets for some of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations including Devon and Cornwall.

The Devon Colour Palette in a frame

People can buy the artworks on prints, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, aprons and baby grows online from The Colour Palette Company.

Stacey says: “I was just playing around with some design ideas on the sofa one night during lockdown when I thought ‘why don’t I create a colour palette for my home city?

“I started thinking about the people, things and places in Birmingham that mean a lot to me and that make the city the great place it is and what colour they’d be.

“Like the legendary Mr Egg Café and Snobs nightclub where just  about everyone who went on a night out in Birmingham at one point ended up.”

Stacey, the former editor of The Birmingham Post, Tweeted the result and was stunned by the response.

“I was blown away by how much people liked it and the nostalgia they felt.

“People got in touch to say how much they love seeing their local landmarks and quirky places turned into a colour palette.

“While others asked if I could create one for the places that mean a lot to them.”

The Birmingham Colour Palette has proved so popular that a giant version has been created and is on display on the walls of Birmingham’s Grand Central Station.

“That’s been one of the highlights,” says Stacey, who also runs Birmingham-based PR and publishing agency Edwin Ellis Creative Media.

He’s now working with a number of other organisations who’ve asked if he can create bespoke designs for them, as well as launching The Colour Pallet Company selling gifts.

“I think people like the nostalgia and it picks up on the pride and fondness people feel for the places where they live and have visited, as well as being a colourful piece of artwork.

“I think every area has its own colour palette which reflects that unique combination of quirky places and things which make up its personality.”

For more information and to buy The Colour Palette Company gifts visit